Galapagos Tortoise

1979 | 60" x 26" x 34" | Bronze

Palumbo Park, Philadelphia, PA (1979)

Academy of Natural Sciences, Philadelphia, PA (1981)

Faucette Brothers Park, North Little Rock, AK (1990)

Friends Central School, Wynnewood, PA (1991)

Sedgewick County Zoo, Wichita, KS (1998)

California Academy of Natural Sciences, San Francisco, CA (2008)

Galapagos Tortoise at Palumbo Park (2023)

Galapagos Tortoise at California Academy of Natural Sciences (2023)

Galapagos Tortoise at Sedgewick County Zoo (Photo by Andrew Bailey, 2020)

Tortoise at Academy of Natural Sciences (Photo and Mural by Stephanie Gleit)

Tortoise at Friends' Central School, Donated in Memory of Ingrid Wilson

Tortoise Dedication at Friends' Central School (1991)

Galapagos Tortoise (Nicknamed Terry's Turtle after Terry Renaud, former President of Twin City Bank) in Faucette Brothers Park (Photo by Google, 2023)